UHSAA Sportsmanship Page


Message from UHSAA Executive Director Rob Cuff

Since 1927, the UHSAA has led the development of education-based interscholastic athletic and fine arts activities that help students succeed in their lives. The UHSAA is committed to stressing educational and cultural values, improving the participation experience in activities, promoting life skills and lessons involved in competitive activities, fostering citizenship and sportsmanship and assisting those who oversee high school sports and activities in our member high schools.

The Board of Trustees, Executive Committee and staff have been busy preparing, planning and organizing the changes and updates for the 2017-18 school year. As administrators, athletic directors, coaches and teachers in our member schools, YOU are US and WE are YOU. By working together, we can provide the best experiences and quality opportunities for the young people we serve. Through education-based activities, we can promote the development of character and ensure the teaching of positive values, philosophies and principles of educational value that will last a lifetime.

We can do this by creating positive learning laboratories where practical life's lessons are taught to promote sportsmanship by enforcing standards of excellence which enhance the educational experience for high school students. Through the new statewide sportsmanship program, we must expect high levels of sportsmanship by enforcing standards of excellence within all of our activities at all times. We must answer the call to use TEAM (Teach, Enforce, Award, Model) to create appropriate and ethical behavior. As a result, we will enjoy the positive products of our programs as our athletes and performers grow and develop in so many ways.

All member schools will receive a sportsmanship booklet outlining the details of the program and a sportsmanship banner for the gymnasium. These items will be delivered to principals in a fall Region Board of Managers meeting.

Every school can be a winner when it comes to good sportsmanship. We encourage all who are involved in high school activities to make the commitment to education-based activities by teaching, enforcing, awarding and modeling the principles of this new statewide sportsmanship program. We invite all member schools to TEAM-up to Raise the Bar, Sportsmanship Matters!