MIDVALE, Utah (December 15, 2022) - The Utah High School Activities Association (UHSAA) Board of Trustees met and adopted regions for 2023-25.  The placement of member schools can be found on the UHSAA website in the attachment that is part of this story. 

A public hearing was held on Wednesday, December 14, to receive feedback from districts and schools on the placement of member schools into regions.  In addition to the hearing, the UHSAA Board of Trustees received numerous emails regarding the realignment of member schools.  


The assignment of member schools into regions was adopted on December 15 by the Board of Trustees.  The first contests under the new alignment will take place the fall of 2023.  The enrollment data upon which the alignment is based will be less than one year old. 


Furthermore, the Board of Trustees has approved for consideration immediately following an established alignment, any school may apply to a higher classification in a specific sport or activity.  Schools will be considered for the requested placement in the January Board of Trustees meeting on January 19, 2023.  Once a school is placed in the higher classification, then the school must remain in the new placement for that specific sport or activity for the duration of the established two-year alignment.  The UHSAA Board of Trustees retains the responsibility for alignment of all member schools. 


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