Team Fundraising

When it comes to fundraising for a team, club, or school activity there are a seemingly endless number of options. Selling popcorn, cookie dough, and discount cards or hosting sports camps and car washes are all popular fundraisers, but which one is the most profitable? With limited time and resources, how do you know where to focus your fundraising efforts? To help you find the right fundraiser for your team or school the expert fundraisers at eTeamSponsor – the official digital fundraising partner of the UHSAA – put together these helpful resources.


eTeamSponsor’s 2023 Team Fundraising Guide is designed to help optimize your in-season and out-of-season fundraising. Download eTeamSponsor’s guide to learn:

  • The cost and profit of popular team fundraising options
  • The pros and cons of different fundraising option
  • How to maximize the funds raised for your team
  • The secret to structuring and effective fundraising program for your team

  • About eTeamSponsor

    eTeamSponsor is the official digital fundraising partner of the UHSAA. Their digital fundraising platforms use highly targeted and personalized text messages, social media posts, and emails to encourage potential supporters to donate to your team or school. On average digital fundraisers from eTeamSponsor raise $400 per active participant and 90% of donations come from outside the local area. Want to learn more? Visit or schedule a demo below.